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Author Topic: Bratwurst Pizza  (Read 13286 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 12, 2011, 05:18:49 PM »

...The only drawback to making pizza is the planning, which I am bad about. Gotta make the dough a day or two in advance. I usually think about making pizza at the spur of the moment. Do pizza dough balls freeze well?

I've had good luck freezing pizza dough balls. After forming the ball, I wrap it fairly tightly in saran wrap, then stick that in a ZipLoc bag. If you need to use it on a particular day, pull it out of the freezer and let it thaw on the counter for an hour or so, remove it from the plastic and put it in a bowl with a little oil to keep it from sticking. Then let it rise as you normally would.

A better way is to plan a couple or four days ahead, put the frozen doughball in the fridge to thaw and just leave it in there for at least 2 days. It will do a slow rise (you'll see where small bubbles are starting to form) and you can leave it in till you need it. This will help it to develop much better flavor, plus it gives you a little leeway on when you use it-- it can sit in the fridge for an extra day if necessary. Take it out of the fridge, pull it out of the plastic and into a bowl w/ oil to let it warm up on the counter and rise for a couple hours or more as you normally would.

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« Reply #16 on: April 12, 2011, 06:08:05 PM »

I made one like that once...really good...throw some kraut on next time.

Pizza dough freezes great. Let I rise once or twice in the bowl then make the balls and freeze. Some dough recipes don't require a rising time. Try the first one on You can make the dough from scratch and the pizza in the time preheating takes.
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« Reply #17 on: April 23, 2011, 07:12:08 PM »

Made this again today.  I added quite a bit more cream to the sauce to get it thinner.  Very good with homemade brats and smoked cheddar cheese.

Thanks for posting it.   Grin

See post 18

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« Reply #18 on: April 24, 2011, 11:08:02 AM »

Glad you like it. Grin It is one of my favorites. Can't go wrong with Bratwurst on pizza in my opinion.

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« Reply #19 on: April 24, 2011, 08:38:56 PM »

sounds totally fantastic!  I like the idea of adding kraut and might want to experiment with a bit of red cabbage as well.
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« Reply #20 on: May 27, 2011, 09:06:54 AM »

OMG! That looks fantastic!  I LOVE brats, but never thought of making a brat pizza.  Thanks for the Recipie!

so easy a Keg man could do it...
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