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Title: Here's an appy to try
Post by: RonBC on November 10, 2017, 09:36:00 PM
I love my keg, and use it at home, but use a gas grill at work to BBQ bacon wrapped goodness for my staff each Friday.
I am always looking for something new to wrap in bacon or improve on. Have wrapped onion rings, long hot Italian sausages, Jalapenos in lots of ways, etc...
If you have a bacon wrapped favorite, let me know.

New one to try if you haven't done it yet..
I use a bottle of maraschino cherries in the juice, in the small jars, (not the bulk) and take a cherry or two and wrap those in a half strip of thick cut bacon, pined with a toothpick. Add a bit of juice near the end of the cook.
I call it the Cherry Bomb.
The crowd always goes wild, and they're the 1st to go.